Yamaha ATV Model Code Designations

Yamaha has a long history in the power sports industry. They introduced their first ATV, the 3 wheeled Tri-Moto or YT125, in the US in 1980.

With 30 years of production, the list of Yamaha ATV model code designations is getting longer than the average person can remember. Here is a little help.

Sometimes when you are looking at parts at the flea market or in an online auction the seller may describe the quad they are from in an unfamiliar way.

If you are working on a Big Bear 350, aka YFM350, and find parts you need listed as being for, or removed from a YFM350, you assume that they will fit. Turns out the parts are for the YFM350 Warrior, whoops. It can be difficult to determine which parts will work for you if you are not familiar with the Yamaha ATV Model Code Designations.

Manufacturers do not always make it easy for consumers. For example, the model code YFM refers to almost a dozen different quad editions. Sometimes, people who work around abbreviations and acronyms all day forget that not everyone knows what they are talking about.

Below you will find a list of Yamaha 3 and 4 wheeled ATVs with both their model codes and marketing or common names. It should help out the novices among you. It is by no means comprehensive.

Yamaha ATV Model Code Designation Machine Marketing Name
YFB Timberwolf
YFM80 Badger
YFM 200DX/225/350ER Moto 4
YFM100 Champ
YFM350FW Big Bear
YFM350X Warrior
YFM400 Big Bear
YFM400FW Kodiak
YFM600 Grizzly Hunter
YFM600FW Grizzly
YFM660 Raptor
YFP 350 Terrapro
YFS200 Blaster
YFUITW Pro Hauler
YFZ 350 Banshee
YTZ250 Tri-Z
YT125 /200/225 Tri-Moto
YT60 Tri-Zinger
YTM200E YamaHauler or
Yamaha Hauler

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