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My front tire size is specified as 3.00 x 18, which converts to 90/90. Is it ok to put a 100/90 tire on it?  {Donald, VA  1985 Honda CMX250C Rebel}


In general the answer is that yes, you can change your tire by one size with out a problem. You can increase the size by going to the next size up or decrease it, going to the next size down.

Before you test ride the bike with the new tire, it is very important to check the clearance of your fender bolts. Do not just check for clearance while the bike is on the side stand. Confirm that the bolts do not touch the tire with a rider’s full weight on it.

Please remember that tires from different manufacturers, although they are the same size, will have slight differences in shape and road feel or ride-ability.

A 100/90 from one brand may fit perfectly and feel good on the road, while one from another manufacturer may just feel wrong to you.

Readers may be wondering why you would want to change your tire size. One example would be that a local shop is offering a great deal on a tire. You want to take advantage of the savings, but there is a slight discrepancy in tire size.

Another very good reason may be that you want to keep a matched set of Pirelli or Bridgestone tires on your bike, but they do not make your exact size.
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Refer to Tire Size Conversion for more size information.

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