ST70 Wiring Diagram

Have you ever been working on your vintage ST70 and you find a disconnected wire but can not seem to figure out where it goes? Use the ST70 wiring diagram (aka wire schematics) below to figure out where that wire belongs. Use "Ctrl + +" to zoom in.

The designation General Export should mean bikes made for export out of Japan. Probably to countries that didn't import enough of them or have specific requirements for Honda to modify the design.

This bike model was produced from mid-1969 until 1981. It the UK the ST70 is a Dax. When the ST70 was exported to Canada and the USA it became the the CT70. Don't know why. This is an exception to the usual Honda practice of the prefix letters indicating the bike family, followed by engine size. The CT70 is mechanically unrelated to other CT-series bikes, such as the the CT50, CT90 & CT110 Trail Cubs.

See the Honda Model Codes page for more info on Honda model codes.

Honda ST70
General Export models

This motorcycle is referred to as ST70, ST70I or ST70D - I.

I am unsure of the year. It is most likely from the 1970's. Honda ST70, ST70D, ST70D-I wiring diagram

This motorcycle is referred to as ST70II or ST70D - II.

I am unsure of the particular year. It is most likely from the early 1970's.

Honda ST70, ST70D, ST70II wiring diagram

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