RoadStar Wiring Diagram - XV1600

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1999 Yamaha XV1600 Road Star
Yamaha Model Code 4WM

Wiring schematics and electrical components on bike for US, California and Canadian (CDN) Road Star and Road Star Silverado models.

Refer to the Wire Color Code Legend for explanations of color codes.

Electrical Components

    1.  Generator
    2.  Rectifier - Regulator
    3.  Main Switch
    4.  Battery
    5.  Main Fuse
    6.  Starter Relay
    7.  Starting Motor
    8.  Backup Fuse
    9.  Relay Unit
    10. Fuel Pump
    11. Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
    12. Ignitor Unit
    13. Ignition Coil
    14. Spark Plug
    15. Decompression Solenoid
    16. Pickup Coil
    17. Neutral Switch
    18. Speed Sensor
    19. Meter Assembly
    20. Engine Trouble Indicator Light
    21. Turn Signal Indicator Light
    22. Neutral Indicator Light
    23. Speedometer Assembly (Speedometer, Combination Meter and Fuel Level Meter - Gauge)
    24. Fuel Level Indicator Light
    25. High Beam Indicator Light
    26. Meter Light
    27. Fuel Sender - Sending Unit
    28. Turn Signal Relay
    29. Horn
    30. Solenoid
    31. Left Handlebar Switch
    32. Dimmer Switch
    33. Horn Switch
    34. Turn Signal Switch
    35. Clutch Switch
    36. Front Turn Signal - Position Light
    37. Rear Turn Signal Light
    38. Headlight
    39. Right Handlebar Switch
    40. Front Brake Light Switch
    41. Engine Stop Switch
    42. Start Switch
    43. Taillight - Brake Light
    44. Rear Brake Light Switch
    45. Carburetor Heater
    46. Thermo Switch
    47. Carburetor Heater Fuse
    48. Headlight Fuse
    49. Ignition Fuse
    50. Signaling System Fuse
    51. Sidestand Switch
    52. Diode

    1999 Yamaha Road Star XV16 XV1600 Wiring Diagram

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