Popular Motorcycle Abbreviations

Use Ctrl+F to search or just browse the chart below for a list of common motorcycle abbreviations you will find in service and repair manuals and articles. We are also working on a complete "Motorcycle Dictionary" or glossary.

Ctrl+F means hold down the Control key (lower left on keyboard, says Ctrl) and press the F key.

Commonly Used Abbreviations

6v 6 Volt
12v 12 Volt
A Amps
Ah Amp hours
ATAC Automatic Torque Amplification Chamber
ATDC At Top Dead Center
Auto Automatic Transmission
Brit British or English, both part of the United Kingdom
Blk Black
CA or CAL California
CAN or Can Canada
Cat Catalytic Converter
CB Contact Breaker Ignition System
cc Cubic Centimeter or Centimetre
CDI Capacitor Discharge Ignition
cyl Cylinder
DI Direct Ignition
DOHC Double or Dual Overhead Cam
ECM Engine Control Module
ECU Engine Control Units
EIN Engine Identification Number
ES Electric Start
Exh Exhaust
F Front
Fi or FI Fuel Injection
fl oz Fluid Ounces
Fr No Frame Number
ft lbs Foot Pounds
H Honda
Hbar (s) Handlebar (s)
HD Harley Davidson
Hguard (s) Hand Guards (s)
Hi-Alt or Hi Alt High Altitude
HL or H/L Headlight or Headlamp
hp or HP Horse power
hrs Hours
Hyd Hydraulic
I4 Inline 4 cylinder engine
I6 Inline 6 cylinder engine
in Inches
Inj Injection
K Kawasaki
lbs Pounds
LC Liquid Cooled
LH Left Hand
LS Left Side
LSD Limited Slip Differential
Map-h ECU controlled (or mapped) Hall effect ignition
Map-i ECU controlled (or mapped) inductive ignition
Max Maximum
Mdl (s) Model (s)
min Minutes
Min Minimum
mm Millimeters or Millimetres
N inside a square Use New Nuts and Bolts
No. Number
NOS New, Old Stock
OE Original Equipment
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHC Overhead Cam
OHV Overhead Valve
psi Pounds per Square Inch
qt Quart
qts Quarts
R Rear
RFVC Radial Four Valve Combustion Chamber
RH Right Hand
RS Right Side
rpm or RPM Revolutions per Minute
S Suzuki
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SOHC Single Overhead Cam
Speedo Speedometer
Std Standard
Syn or Synth Synthetic Oil
Tach Tachometer
TCI or TCBI Transistor Controlled Ignition
TDC Top Dead Center
TRAC Torque Reactive Anti-dive Control (system)
Trans Transmission
V Volts
Vac Vacuum
VLV Valve
W/ or w/ With
W/O or w/o Without
Y Yamaha
° Angular Torque

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