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More Fun Stuff

Here’s some more fun stuff for you to play with while you try to repair your motorcycle.

Guitar Guy

Play this free music game like Guitar Hero!

Gothic Girl

She’s not just for the ladies! You know you want to dress her up. Give it a click. Each skull and crossbones icon on the left is a different category of clothing.

Alpine Escape

Help your buddy escape the air attack on a bike with you in the side car. You have entered the enemy territory. You have been spotted by the enemy and they have sent their fighter jets to hunt you down. You have to escape from these hostile mountains safely…

Virtual Stripper

This nice girl will do anything for you. Well, not exactly anything, most of the time she’s dancing. In a G-rated (mostly), family friendly way, of course.

All you do is enter a command and click the GO button. If she can’t do something, you’ll understand.

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