Larry's model-year 2009 Suzuki C109RT


Larry's (2009) Suzuki C109RT

Larry's (2009) Suzuki C109RT

This is one of my better purchases in life. A (new) model-year 2009 Suzuki C109RT, which I purchased at a Wisconsin dealership in 2011. A huge touring/cruiser, and the 109 means just what it says. The 109 cu. inches jumps out at you, and over nearly everyone else on the roadway. I've installed engine guards after this picture, along with a studded backrest and some other goodies.

Anyway, this is a touring-cruiser bike, and you don't see many of them anywhere.

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Jul 26, 2015
Larry's C109RT Update
by: WM

Thanks for the update Larry.

I think most of us can relate to how you are feeling. Even when moving on is the best thing you can do, it is sometimes bittersweet.

Jul 22, 2015
Moved on to the Victory, but miss the 109
by: Larry

We've all been there....the perfect bike that you sold for whatever reason, and then regret that decision you made to sell it. You moved on to some other bike, and the newer bike may even be a step up with technology and all the trimmings.

Still, you miss the other bike. I terribly miss the C109RT. You know your former bike is fine, and making someone very happy, and cruising down the roadways with someone else. Your happy for them both, or at least you pretend it.

I moved on to a new Victory Cross Country Tour. It's a fine bike, and has the best technology and ride than I can possibly explain. A piece of art, with NASA technology, that has taken me across the United States on two incredible trips.

Wherever the past bike may be, I'm always hoping that I'll pass her by on the roadway. Just a wave, a flick of the high-beam headlight, a loving glance. I miss you, my C109RT.

Nov 29, 2011
The Big Girl is a Lady
by: Anonymous

I have a 2008 C109RT that is amazing. She is blue and white with the following additions.

OEM engine guard
OEM sissy bar rack
Asteca modified gel insert seat (Incredable)
Driver back rest made for the C109RT
OEM 1/2 tank cover
Windshield bag
12 volt accessory plug-in on the handlebars
Magellan GPS
Crampbuster throttle assist (better than cruise control)
A blessed Guardian Bell

I run Amsoil 10w-40 oil with a K&N filter in her.

Over the 4th of July holiday this last summer, 2011, I road the C109RT from Northern CA to Denver, CO passing through HWY 50, the loneliest highway in America. I came back the same way. Nevada sent me a certificate and jacket pin for traveling the road.

The trip was 10 times better than I anticipated. I met dozens of motorcyclist going out and coming back. It didn't matter what you were riding, everyone treated you like a brother.

The big Suzuki never missed a beat. We passed through deserts, mountains and Utah rain storms. She was a rock. She averaged 42.3 mpg for the entire trip.

When 2 of the 3 new big Harley's were cooling down their back cylinders at the only gas station in Eureka, NV after running through the desert with temps around 100, the 109 received a quick tank of gas and we quickly journeyed on. One of the young guys with his passenger trophy wife couldn't believe the C109RT was a Suzuki. Mrs. HD trophy wife was complaining about the heat coming off the black Harley.

The C109RT was as sharp in the mountain twisties as she was running a straight line in the desert heat. I am already planning next summer's Colorado trip with a pass through the Bryce Cannon National Park.

In CA I ride with a Harley friend along the coast and with 2 BMW R 1200 RT buddies throughout the Sierra Nevadas. Last month we drove 370 miles through and around Yosemite. The beamer (BMW) guys couldn't lose me as they lost considerable horsepower in the mountains when the Suzuki offered horses to spare. They were taking the tight turns in 1st gear when I was in 2nd.

The C109RT is a big girl who enjoys to run and dance. The thing I love most about her is that she takes you there and brings you home safe. Enjoy your C109RT. Run her hard, take care of her, and she won't let you down.

Missouri Kid in NorCal

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