Kawasaki ATVs

Need a place to find help when repairing or servicing your Kawasaki ATV? Can't find an out of print repair manual? Just need an answer to a simple question without the hassle of creating an account or joining a forum? You have found your free resource here.

Check the Need to Know pages if you are not familiar with older bike systems, carbs vs fuel injection or points and condensers instead of a more modern ignition system. Get that old quad running and go mudding with the kids this weekend.

Basic Kawasaki ATV Reference

Easy to use chart lists the most commonly searched for specifications. Includes spark plug and gap, bike weight, battery, engine oil capacity, recommended tire pressure and tire, front & rear sprocket and chain sizes.

Advanced Kawasaki ATV Reference

The same easy to use chart style containing more detailed information for more complex repairs or service jobs. You will find tightening torques, ignition type and resistance values, carburetor or fuel injection system info, stock jet sizes (carbs), fork oil height, ignition timing info and firing order.

Other Kawasaki ATV Resources

BuyKawasaki.com has lots of useful information available.

  • Search by VIN for Recall Information.
  • US Models from 1996 to the present - find Parts Diagrams (online fiche), Specifications, Warranty Info and check availability of Owners and Service Manuals, for purchase.
  • US Models from 1986 to 1996 - find Parts Diagrams, Warranty Info and check availability of Owners and Service Manuals, for purchase.
  • US Models pre-1986 have limited information, but you may be able to find Parts Diagrams. Most of these manuals are out of print.

  • Photos and More

  • Photos of Kawasaki ATVs
  • Future location of Wiring Diagrams
  • Model Codes

  • Repair Q & A

  • ATV Rim Bolt Pattern

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