Honda VIN

For more information about Vehicle Identification Numbers see Motorcycle VINs.

The first 3 digits of a Honda VIN contain the World Manufacturing Identifier, assigned to all manufacturers by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

ATV Chart

Digits 1-3 WMI
478 Honda USA
JH3 Honda Japan

Motorcycle & Moped Chart

Digits 1-3 WMI
JH2 Honda Japan
VTM Honda Spain
YC1 Honda Belgium
ZDC Honda Italy
1HF Honda USA
3H1 Honda Mexico
9C2 Honda Brazil

The next 5 digits (4th thru 8th) are the vehicle descriptor or model code {VDC}.

Previous to 1981, VINs usually started with the model code and followed with a sequential production number. For example CL450-1012470 is the VIN of a 1969 Honda CL450K2 Scrambler 450. It was bike number 12,470 of the CL450 line (they started making them in 1967). Starting in 1981 the model code ceased to be just the model name.

I have included some vehicle descriptor codes in the chart below. If anyone feels there is a need, I will add all models to the chart. Use the Contact Us form if you have any suggestions for this page or the site in general.

Our chart is for US models only, the CMS FAQ page lists foreign issue bikes under the Honda identification by Model Codes question.

Honda VIN Vehicle Descriptor
or Model Code Digits
Bike Model
AB011 NA50 1981
AB070 NB50M 1983-84
AB080 NC50 1981
AB100 NC50 1982-83, except Iowa
AB101 NC50 1982-83, including Iowa
AE030 XR50R 2000
AF090 NB50M 1985
NB50 1986-87
AB020 Z50R 1981-99
Z50RD 1986
AB220 ZB50 1988
CA100 CA100 (Honda 50)
DE010 CR60R 1983-84
DA010 C70 1981
DD010 CT70 1981-82
DB010 CT70 1991-94
DB011 CT70 1991-94 California
DE020 XR70R 1997-00
HE020 CR80R 1981-82
HE040 CR80R 1983-99
HE043 CR80RB 1996-2000
HE04C CR80R 2000
HD040 XL80S 1981-85 except California
HD041 XL80S 1985 California
HE010 XR80 1981-84
NC030 CB400T
RC040 CB750F
RC070 VF750S V45 Sabre
1982 - 1983
RC071 VF750C V45 Magna 1982-84
RC130 CB650SC 1983-85 except California
RC131 CB650SC 1984-85 California
RC140 VT750C Shadow 750
RC150 VF750F V45 Interceptor
1983 - 1984
RC151 VF750F V45 Interceptor
1983 - 1984 California
RC190 VT700C Shadow
1984, 85, 86 & 87
RC191 VT700C Shadow
1984, 85, 86 & 87 California
RC210 VF700C Magna
1984, 85, 86 & 87
RC211 VF700C Magna
1984, 85, 86 & 87 California
RC220 VF700S Sabre
RC221 VF700S Sabre
84-85 California
RC230 VF700F Interceptor
RC231 VF700F Interceptor
84-85 California
RC240 VFR750F Interceptor
RC241 VFR750F Interceptor
1986 California
RC280 VF750C V45 Magna 1988
1990 California
RC430 VF750C Magna 1994 - 2000
RC431 VF750C Magna
1994 - 2000 California
RC433 VF750CD Magna Deluxe 1995 - 1997
VF750C2 Magna Deluxe 1998 - 2000
RC434 VF750CD Magna Deluxe 1995 - 1997 California
VF750C2 Magna Deluxe 1998 - 2000 California
RC450 RVF750R RVF 1994
SC110 CB1100F Super Sport 1983

The 9th digit is the check digit. It is a mathematical equation utilizing some of the other digits. It is to ensure that someone doesn't just make up a phony VIN. When entered into a DMV or Police computer system it will let them know that the VIN is not valid.

The 10th digit represents the model year. See Motorcycle VINs.

The 11th digit of each Honda motorcycle VIN is a letter which indicates the plant in which the bike was built. Below you will find a chart of these letters and their corresponding assembly plant.

11th Digit of VIN Honda Manufacturing Plant
A Ohio, USA
B Aalst, Belgium
C Saitama, Japan
D Guadalajara, Mexico
E Montesa, Spain
F Atessa, Italy
K Kumamoto, Japan
M Hamamatsu, Japan
R Manaus, Brazil
S Suzuka, Japan
T Tochigi, Japan

The last 6 digits represent the sequential vehicle production number. So if the last 6 digits of your bike's ID number are 000352, your bike is the three hundred and fifty 2nd bike made for that year.

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