Honda Service Information Resources

The list of Honda service information resources below is constantly being updated as we add new schematics and links to access online fiche (microfiche), cross reference information, service data, owner's manuals and Honda’s Safety Recall Notices list for motorcycles, scooters and dirtbikes.

As your vintage machine ages gracefully, the amount of information available at your local dealership dwindles.  The kid at the parts counter at the Honda service department near you was born 25 years after your bike was manufactured, has never driven a car with a carburetor & likes to call you Pop.  He probably won’t be much help.  If he can’t find it in his computer, it doesn’t exist. 

Vintage Part Number
Cross Reference

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a vintage CL90 for which parts are no longer produced, you know the frustration of carrying a part to every bike show & swap meet you can attend in a futile attempt to locate a replacement NOS (new old stock) part.  You have memorized the part number & have searched ebay, online forums and everywhere else you can think of, but there are none to be found. 

The best way to find one of these rare parts is to find out what other machines it fits and expand your search.  If Aunt Martha is selling Grandpa’s rusty crap out of the shed, is she likely to research each part and provide you with a part number in her Craigslist ad?  Nope.  She just knows that she has a complete S90 last registered in 1976 that she wants to sell. 

How does this help you find your part?  Keep reading.

DGY Motorsports of Downers Grove IL, has a retail website that has a great cross-reference feature.  Click the OEM Parts Finder tab towards the top of any page.  You can either find parts by model or search by brand and part number.

As less and less of the old vintage bikes remain on the road, dealers are dropping them from their sites.  DGY allows you to search for Honda Motorcycle parts as far back as 1974 & also some of the early machines that had no specific year

For example the CL90 or Honda Scrambler 90 was sold in the US from 1967 to 1969 beginning with serial number or VIN CL90-106956.  They just sold them until they ran out.

So as the owner of a vintage Scrambler 90 in need of an elusive part, you navigate to the OEM Parts Finder page of and in the Quick Part Search boxes, choose Honda from the Brands list and enter your part number, 14541-028-020, in the Search for box and click the Search button. 

The screen displays the part number, any number that it replaced, or superseded, a description, price and Select Model under the Where Used column.  As you see from the red Not Available text, they don’t have a new part for you. 

However, they do have something very useful to you.  Click the Select Model text link, this displays a pop-up window with every other Honda machine that this part fits. You now have a list of 8 bikes that you know used your part, which is a Cam Chain Tensioner Spring. This makes searching for parts a little easier.

With this new information, you can expand your ebay search or purchase Aunt Martha’s S90. 

This will also assist owners of newer models. 

For more related information, see the page Finding New Parts.

Part Lookup or
View Parts Catalog

You can also use the World of Powersports site to view parts schematics, aka fiche or microfiche, for your more current machine. If it was manufactured by Arctic Cat, Can-Am (aka Bombardier), Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Polaris, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Suzuki, Triumph or Yamaha after about 1984 (depending on the manufacturer) it will be there.  

One advantage to this site, over some other similar ones, is that WOP shows you the actual OEM part number.  In the last couple of years we have noticed many retail sites have stopped displaying the OEM number and now only display their own stock number.  This makes searching for parts and comparing prices more difficult.

Choose a manufacturer from the Shop Parts page, then your year, to view schematics or search the catalog for this machine based on a part number or name.

Let’s go through an example with a throttle cable for a 1998 Honda XR250R dirt bike.

  1. From the Shop Parts page of WOP, choose Honda Dirt Bike Parts from the list under the red Honda logo. 
  2. You will choose your year on the next screen.
  3. Next, a list of all dirt machines made in 98 will display by category, Motocross or Dirt.  Click on the XR250R under Dirt.
  4. Now you have 3 ways to find your cable. 
  • Type throttle cable in to the search box,
  • type the whole of partial part number into the search box or
  • scroll down through the sections and click Handlebar – w/switches and cables.

If you are not sure what the part you need is called, place your mouse over the section titles, a small image of the page schematic appears to help you determine where to look.

Honda Recalls

Have you heard about a Honda service issue common to you motorcycle and are interested to learn if a recall was ever issued?  You can find recall information for Honda power sports products on the Honda's Product Recall Information section of their site.  Sadly it only shows the last few years.

Currently it lists recalls issued as far back as 2007.  The are listed by year issued, not by bike year, so the recall may affect older bikes.  For example in April 2008 they issued a recall for a dripping fuel valve in the 2006 and 2007 VT600 models.


Classified Listings