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The list of Honda service information resources below is no longer being updated. Visit the updated page from the link below for new schematics and links to access online fiche (microfiche), service data, owner's manuals and Honda’s Safety Recall Notices list for motorcycles, scooters and dirtbikes.

**This page has been updated.**

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Cross Reference

World of Powersports retail website has a great cross-reference feature. Click the OEM Parts button on the left. In the Quick Part Look Up box, choose Honda from the Brands list and enter your part number, 17210-333-610, in the Search for box. Click the Quick Look Up button.

The search returns with every other Honda machine that this part fits. You now have a list of 6 bikes (or quads) that you know use your part, which is an air filter element. This makes searching for parts a little easier.

View Parts Catalog

You can also use this site to view parts schematics, aka fiche or microfiche, for your machine. If it was manufactured by Arctic Cat, Can-Am (aka Bombardier), Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Suzuki or Yamaha it will be there. Once you have chosen your manufacturer, we will pick Honda, you are given a choice of powersports categories. Honda’s categories are all-terrain vehicle (ATV), FL models (Odyssey go carts or dune buggies), motor scooters, motorcycles and personal watercraft.

If you choose motorcycle, you then will be able to pick your bike from the list of all the models Honda has manufactured. The order can seem a little quirky, if you are not familiar with it. It is in alphabetical order first, numerical second, year third. So the CB1000 is listed before the CB650, regardless of year produced. Bikes that have no specific year (think K1, K2) like the Z50AK1 ends up sandwiched between the Z50A 1978 and the Z50R 1979.

The XR80R which was in production from 1985 through 2003 is listed with the 2000 model first because the years are only shown as the last 2 digits. And 00 comes before 85. Try it, you will get the hand of it.

Not all manufacturers are set up this way. Arctic Cat for instance lets you narrow your selection by year before picking a model. It is a bit easier that way.

Just one more important note for 1982-1983 Honda VF750S V45 Sabre owners. The parts diagram for the Sabre is not on this system. I do not know why. We have it in our microfiche deck. Probably just an oversight.

For more related information, see the next section Finding New Parts.

Finding New Parts

When you are looking for new parts for an older or vintage machine your local dealer may not be able to help you, especially if you have a bike that was originally manufactured for a different market. Like a CB350F released in Germany for instance. Not being able to find a replacement side cover in your original paint color can be a hassle, but needing a trans gear that you can not locate can mean the difference between riding and walking.

As someone who has downloaded and tried to read an Italian Suzuki shop manual, I can tell you that sometimes locating and buying parts from overseas can really drive you up a wall. When you buy from individuals, like on eBay, you risk damage to poorly packaged items, translation problems and can get a real shock in the form of a customs bill after your parts arrive.

I prefer to buy from companies like Bike Bandit (Click here for for US models or CMS (see banner link below) for overseas models. You are still responsible for the customs fees but larger companies will usually be to give you an estimate of these fees. You also have a better chance of a refund or exchange if the part is damaged or incorrect.

CMS specializes in Japanese motorcycle parts, particularly Honda. The best feature about their site is that you can see the parts diagrams for the foreign issued bikes. If you look up the CB350F you can find online fiche for the USA, general export, European, France, Germany and Italy models. An awesome site if you served in the military and brought your motorcycle home with you.

JC Whitney


You can find recall information for Honda power sports products on the Honda's Product Recall Information section of their site. It only shows the last few years.

Now, in 2010, it lists recalls issued as far back as 2007. The recall may affect older bikes though. For example in April 2008 they issued a recall for a dripping fuel valve in the 2006 and 2007 VT600 models.

For other Honda service data, like wiring schematics, links to photos and model codes, please check our Honda Motorcycles or Honda ATVs pages.

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