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1978 Honda XL100 dirtbike

Larry's 1978 Honda XL100 dirtbike, red.

1980 Honda CR80R

1980 Honda CR80R, red. Yes, this one was Larry's too.

1982 Honda XR80 dirtbike
1982 Honda XR80 dirtbike

1982 Honda XR80 dirt bike. Interesting "custom" red and black paint scheme.

1980 red CR80

Dirt riding and jump, 1980 CR80 dirt bike.

Red and white, non-fuel injected {carburetor}, 6 speed, 2009 CRF230L enduro dirt bike.

2009 Honda CRF230L Dirt bike, Enduro

2009 Honda CRF230L Dirtbike, Enduro

1980 CBR1000F Hurricane

1980 CBR1000F Hurricane sportbike

The cleanest 29 year old bike I have ever seen. 1980 CBR1000F Hurricane in red, white, blue, gold & gray color scheme. Sold it on eBay to a guy in New Zealand.

Honda 1983 CB1100F Super Sport

1983 CB1100F Super Sport in white, red and blue. Optional sport foot pegs.

1983 CB1100F SuperSport Gauge Panel

Gauges - 1983 CB1100F SuperSport

Speedometer, tachometer, fuel, indicator lights.

1983 Honda Cb1100F Super Sport

Here is a better shot of the 83 CB1100F SuperSport. This was a single year production bike, so it is pretty rare. Especially to find one so well kept.

2001 Honda CBR600 CBR600F4 F4 work in progress

Obviously the above 2001 Honda CBR600F4 is a work in progress.

1986 Honda CB450 CB450SC Nighthawk
1986 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk

A mostly complete 1986 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk 450, in Candy Flair Blue.

We saw this bike at the 2010 Lake Region Outdoor Expo in Hawley, PA. It is a real custom trike, not just a Voyager-type add on kit. 1994 Honda GL1500 GoldWing. The seat was the most beautiful gray leather I have ever seen.

I do not know what to call that color, but it definitely stands out in a crowd.

1994 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing Custom Trike 1994 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing Custom Trike

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carberetor lean 
My 70s Honda trail bike leaks gas from the rubber seal located where the gas flow valve is. Can't seem to find kit. Any help would be appreciated. It runs …

1994 XR650L 
Doesn't it look nice all cleaned up?

Can't call it a Road Couch! 
I don't normally like Goldwings a.k.a. the road couch. I saw this one parked next to me at the supermarket. The neck said it was a 2004 GL1800. I think …

Alayna girl Not rated yet
My 19 month old daughter Alayna loves to go "vroom vroom" with her mommy and daddy! We loves our Hondas! She's been riding since she was 3 months old …

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