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Need a place to find technical specifications required to repair or service Honda motorcycles and ATVs? Don't want to buy the shop service manual? You have found your free resource. Check the Need To Know pages if you are not familiar with older bike systems, carbs vs fuel injection or points and condensers instead of a more modern ignition system. You will have that vintage Elsinore running in time for prime riding season.

Basic Honda Reference

Easy to use chart lists the most commonly searched for specifications. Includes spark plug and gap, bike weight, battery, engine oil capacity, recommended tire pressure and tire, sprocket and chain sizes.

Advanced Honda Reference

The same easy to use chart style containing more detailed information for more complex repairs or service jobs. You will find tightening torques, ignition type and resistance values, carburetor or fuel injection system info, stock jet sizes (carbs), fork oil height, ignition timing info and firing order.

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Other Service Information

Where to access online fiche, part number cross-reference, service data, owner's manuals and Honda's Product Recall Information list.

1968 Honda Recommended Maintenance

Honda Codes

  • What does your VIN say about your bike?
  • VINs for European Honda Models
  • What do Honda OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part numbers mean?
  • Honda model codes for motorcycles, ATVs and scooters.
  • Honda Photos and More

  • Photos
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Other Schematics
  • Great Engine Animation {offsite link}
  • CB350 Interactive Wiring Diagram {offsite link}
  • Great site for CB900F enthusiasts {offsite link}
  • Wikipedia page: Honda CX Series {offsite link}

  • Honda Repair Q & A

    Q&A:  Aftermarket Exhaust System
    Q&A:  Rim Bolt Pattern
    Q&A:  CB750F Identification
    Q&A: Wheel Bearing Removal for 1976 CB750K
    Q&A:  ATV Ignition Trouble

    Q&A:  Honda Phantom 200 Tire Pressure
    Q&A:  TRX350 Clutch Slip possible causes
    Q&A:   1975 CB360T Replacement Tire
    Q&A:   Vintage CB750 Chain Size
    Q&A:  ’03 Honda Rear Shock Tension

    Q&A:  Smoking CR125
    Q&A:  CB750K Valve Spring Failure
    Q&A:  V65 Engine Shut Off

    Q&A:  Honda Points
    Q&A: Honda Rancher Reverse Problem
    Q&A: Cooling Fan Problem?
    Q&A: ATC90 Spark Plug question
    Q&A: Nighthawk 750 Spark Plug Gap

    Q&A: 1979 GL1000 Goldwing Points Gap
    Q&A:  OK to Increase Tire Size?
    Q&A:  TRX350 Rancher Hard Shifting
    Q&A:  Replacement Rectifier
    Q&A:  Rancher with Oil in the Air Box

    Q&A:  Honda NTV 650 Deauville with Brake Master Cylinder problem
    Q&A:  GoldWing 1000 Dyna S Ignition
    Q&A:  Honda Trail 90 CT designation?
    Q&A:  Vintage CT90 Timing Troubleshooting
    Q&A:  Unknown Euro Honda Engine Code

    Q&A:  Venezuelan Honda Code = RC09
    Q&A:  Honda CT90 Cable Clip Dilemma

    Important Note: For those of you who use World of Powersports or Bike Bandit to look at online microfiche, neither of these sites has the 1982-1983 Honda VF750S V45 Sabre information. They must buy the info from the same company.

    We will be adding more specs for Honda motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes as new model year information becomes available or vintage info is located.

    Just a note: when referring to the Big 4 Japanese manufacturers we will sometimes just use a capital letter or abbreviation. Example K or Kawi for Kawasaki, H or Hon for Honda, etc.

    If you find the type too small to read comfortably please use Ctrl + to make the type larger. This means hold down the Control key (lower left on keyboard, says Ctrl) and press the + key (upper right, next to the backspace key, it has a + and = on it, or on your number keypad).

    Disclaimer & Legal Stuff

    Weeks Motorcycle Salvage does not guarantee or warrant that the information contained in will meet your requirements or apply to your model of machine. Every attempt is made to provide accurate information, although we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. The information may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

    It is the reader's responsibility to take all necessary safety precautions. Wear safety glasses, have a fire extinguisher ready, work in a properly ventilated space and have the proper tools for the job. If you are not able to perform motorcycle repairs safely, please take your bike to a shop that can. Complete Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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    Remember your bike is your responsibility.

    If you do not agree with our advice, are not capable of performing the repairs as described or doubt the reliability of our sources, please consult a local mechanic, service manual or someone else more knowledgeable than us before tearing your bike down or buying parts.

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