Honda Model Codes - Decoded

What do the letters in a Honda motorcycle or ATV model code mean?

The first 2 or 3 letters in a motorcycle model are usually the engine style. The number is the engine size in cubic centimeters. This number is usually rounded, a 1098cc engine may be a 1100 model.

The letter or letters that follow the number designates the trim package. The charts below are the basics, there are always exceptions.

Not all models follow these rules strictly, but most do.

Examples: A PC800 is a v-twin, 800cc Pacific Coast. A VT500C is a v-shaped, twin cylinder, 600cc engine with a Shadow trim package.

Style or Trim Code: Others use familiar codes, but the meaning may change with the engine style. In the example above the C meant Shadow. If the bike was a VF1100C, it is now a v-four engine, 1100cc and the C means Magna.
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Engine Style Code Engine Style
VT V-shaped, Twin (2) Cylinder aka v-twin
VF V-shaped, Four Cylinder aka v-four
VTR V-shaped, Twin Cylinder, Racing

Trim Package Code Trim Style
A Hondamatic or Aspencade
C Custom, Shadow, Shadow Spirit or Magna
C2 Shadow ACE or American Classic Edition
C3 Shadow Aero
D Deluxe
F SuperSport
I Interstate
L Limited Edition
LTD Limited Edition
R Racing or Retro
S Sabre
SC NightHawk
SE Special Edition
SJR Smoking Joe Racing Edition
T Touring or Tourer

Some Honda model codes do not seem to adhere to any rule except that the engine size is there.

Below is a partial list of bikes that do not follow the rules above.

For these bikes, CB is usually more of a sportbike style and the GL models are touring bikes.

Model Designation Model Name
CB100 Supersport
CBR1000F Hurricane
CBR1100XX Blackbird
CL450 Scrambler
CM185T TwinStar
CMX450C Rebel
CX500TC Turbo
GL650 SilverWing
GL1100 GoldWing 1100
GL1500C Valkyrie
NT650 Hawk GT
RVT1000R RC51
SL100 Motosport
VT750D Spirit
VTR1000 SuperHawk
XL600V Transalp
Z50A Mini Trail

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