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A few questions come up over and over again. So the FAQ page was born.

We are currently receiving a few hundred inquiries per week. Way too many for us to address them all in a timely manner. Before asking your question, please check to see if it has been answered here or on the Repair Advice page.

The questions here are mostly website and advertiser related. Some of the information is covered on the Privacy Policy and Photo Policy pages, but those can be a lot to read so we cover some major points here.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am trying to click one of your advertisers’ links and I keep getting the message “Firefox can not establish a connection to the server at” I can connect to other sites so I know my connection is good. Why does it do this?


If you are having problems viewing advertiser links it is probably because of the security settings on your computer.

Security risks are certainly a valid concern when accessing the internet. However, if your security settings are too exclusive it may prevent you from seeing some legitimate objects or content provided by Weeks Motorcycle and its advertisers.

For example, some advertiser links are designed to place a “cookie” on your computer when they are accessed. This cookie is only designed for the purposes of tracking legitimate information with regards to impressions, clicks and sales or leads. These cookies are not designed to record or access any personal information on your computer.

Please review your browser’s security configuration and adjust the settings that regulate content, images and cookies so that you can view our advertiser links. Depending on your operating system you may need to adjust your Internet Options through the Control Panel also.

If necessary you can specifically add the server addresses where images are located. Your security settings should allow you to copy the domain from the error window and add it to a section that says something similar to “Trust Content from these sources.” When you have updated saved these settings on your computer, try viewing the links again.

Examples of domains where our advertiser links are hosted:



  • Question:

    I asked a question about by machine last week and I still have not received an answer. Why?


    We try to answer all answerable questions in a timely manner. Remember when you were in school and your teacher told you that the only stupid question is the one you did not ask? Well I do not agree.

    If you ask a question but do not give me any information to work with, I can not answer. Also, if you ask me something 100-percent subjective, I probably will not answer you.

    There will always be some questions that can not be answered. See below for examples of the types of stupid questions I can not or will not answer.

  • My bike is leaking. What could it be?

  • Do you think slash cut pipes will look good on my bike?

  • Why is there no good information about my bike on the internet?

  • My bike won’t start. How come?

  • So let us be clear, if you don’t tell me what is leaking, I can’t tell you why. I do not know what will look good on your bike. I am not responsible for the entire internet. And last, without a little more information, I can not tell you why your bike won’t start, maybe it is out of gas.


    Are you guys the Weeks Cycle Salvage from Old Bridge, NJ?


    Yes, we are.


    I have a question. Here is my phone number. Can you call me?


    No, not right now. We are toying with the idea of a help line, but for now, just send us your question via the form.


    Are you guys gonna have How-To videos?


    Yes, we are planning to put up a few. They may be embedded in the page, but will most likely be on posted YouTube with links from our site.


    I have a question about my lawnmower / generator / log splitter. Can you help?


    Not really. Although a combustion engine is pretty much the same whether it is in a bike, generator or mower. We built a log splitter out of a Suzuki GS750E. But right now we are concentrating on bikes, snowmobiles and quads, so please don’t ask mower questions.


    I want to send Jenn a shirt from Bike Week. What is your address?


    You can send mail to the office at Weeks Motorcycle, 430 S Cooks Bridge Rd, Jackson, NJ 08527.


    I don’t speak good English. Can I ask my question in my language? And how will you answer it?


    When we receive questions in a language other than English, I use the Google translator to decipher them. It is not perfect, but is sufficient. It is not necessary, but you can use it to translate your question into English before sending it to us. {Google Translate}

    I am currently working on adding a Google Translator widget to all of our pages. You can use the widget to translate any of our pages into your language. There are currently about 60 languages available. Below you will see the widget. You can try it now.


    I asked a question and no one ever emailed me an answer. Then I saw the answer on your site. I thought I would get an email. Why didn’t I?


    We always send out at least one email notifying people that their questions have been answered. We do not include the answer in the email, just a link to the page. Many times we receive Mailer Daemon messages back saying the email address was incorrect, the mailbox was full, etc.

    We can not contact you if your email address is entered into the question form incorrectly, your mailbox is full or your spam filter is blocking our message. Make sure you inform your spam filter to allow mail from the domain.

    We almost always send a second notification a week or two after the first to try to get through to an address whose mailbox was full the first time.


    I would like to advertise my product on What kind of ads can I place and how do I go about it?


    We offer ample banner ad space or custom Create a Buzz campaigns at extremely affordable rates. Please fill out the Advertising Inquiry Form on the Contact Weeks page.


    I was on your site last week and saw an ad for boots / rims / ATV tires. Now I can not find the banner. Can you tell me what page it is on?


    We try to rotate the banner and text ads to keep the pages fresh. Also we like to utilize sale or special discount offers from our advertisers whenever possible.

    The exact ad you saw may not be where you last saw it. I can’t always remember who is advertised on what page. Try the Shopping links page. There you will find an alphabetical listing of all of the retailers we deal with.

    While these questions may not be verbatim, they give you the general idea of the FAQ we get. Please use the contact forms on the Contact Weeks page if you have any questions for us.

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