Worldwide eBay Shopping

Have you been searching for the one elusive piece for your vintage motorcycle? After months of scouring eBay do you still have no results? Why not try one of the many International eBay sites?

You may be unsure about trying a website that is predominately written in a language you do not speak, but take heart, eBay sites are all pretty uniform. That button that looks just like the Buy It Now button on the US site but says Sofort-Kaufen on the German site is a Buy It Now.

Also, there is no need to re-register on International eBay sites, your current login will get you into them all.


The tools you will need for successful international shopping are a currency converter and a language translator. I like the Currency Converter and Google Translate.

Some sellers cater to International buyers and may have a Google Translate Button on their pages. Just select the language you want and it translates the page for you. Try it now.

You can change it back at any time by clicking Show Original in the Google Translate header that appears at the top of the page.

Another option is to go to Google Translation Tools and use the buttons to add 1 click translation to your browser’s toolbar. For example, if you like to shop on you can drag the German button to your toolbar so that it is always available. Then whenever you want to translate a webpage you're viewing, just click the button. Or you can just translate the item description by selecting that part before you click.


Do not forget about Customs! When you purchase items from outside the country the are screened through the receiving country's Customs Department. Most are x-rayed or scanned for explosives and drugs. If one of the screens shows something suspicious, like wires and switches on a package labeled books the package will be opened for inspection.

Anything identified as Electronics or costing more than $200 could have significant customs fees levied. If the item is shipped with UPS you will receive the bill some weeks after the item arrives. Items handled by the USPS may arrive with a bill for Customs fees attached, and like Postage Due, you can not have your package until you pay the fee.

The US Department of Homeland Security now oversees Customs and Border Patrol. Their website may be helpful to read. They have a page dedicated to helping US citizens with Internet Purchases.

  • eBay.AT – Austria

  • Click Here

  • eBay.AU – Australia

  • eBay.BE – Belgium

  • eBay.CA – Canada

  • eBay.CH – Switzerland

  • eBay.DE – Germany

  • eBay.ES – Spain

  • eBay.FR – France

  • Click Here

  • eBay.IE – Ireland

  • eBay.IT – Italy

  • eBay.NL – Netherlands

  • eBay.UK – United Kingdom {Great Britain, Scotland, N. Ireland}

  • eBay.US – United States

  • eBay has not yet officially expanded in Central and South America but until they do, you can shop on Mercado Libre Mexico, a company owned partially by eBay.

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