British Motorcycles

Need a place to find technical specifications when repairing or servicing British motorcycles or motorbikes? Can't find an out of print repair manual? You have found your free resource here.

Check the Need To Know pages if you are not familiar with older bike systems or abbreviations used in the charts.

Basic Brit Reference

Easy to use charts list the most commonly searched for specifications. Includes spark plug and gap, bike weight, battery, engine oil capacity, recommended tire pressure and tire, front & rear sprocket and chain sizes.

  • BSA Basic Motorcycle Reference
  • Triumph Basic Motorcycle Reference

    Advanced Brit Reference

    The same easy to use chart style containing more detailed information for more complex repairs or service jobs. You will find tightening torques, ignition type and resistance values, carburetor or fuel injection system info, stock jet sizes (carbs), fork oil height, ignition timing info and firing order.

    Photos and more

  • Photos
  • Wiring diagrams and schematics.
  • Chart of interchangeable terms, ya know gas is petrol in the UK, etc.
  • Links to some additional information.

  • Parts Search

    Searching for a vintage, discontinued or rare part for your British Motorbike? There are many online sources for parts. Some are more reliable than others. A couple of the best online sources are ebay and CraigsList.

    For more information about buying used parts read our Salvage page.

    CraigsList has local sites all over the world. From their main CraigsList page, you can choose from many US cities and states or another country. For instance, if you click the UK link it takes you to the London site and you can choose another UK locality from the links on the right.

    Try ebay UK:

    Or ebay US:

    We will be adding more specs as new model year information becomes available or older service material is added to our collection.

    If you find the type too small to read comfortably please use Ctrl + to make the type larger. This means hold down the Control key (lower left on keyboard, says Ctrl) and press the + key (upper right, next to the backspace key, it has a + and = on it, or on your number keypad).

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