Bear Tracker YFM250X ATV

Bear Tracker YFM250X ATV Diagrams

1999 Bear Tracker YFM250X - Oil Lubrication Diagram
2 wheel drive models YFM250XL, YFM250XLC

Components shown in the lubrication schematic correspond to the numbered list just below it.

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1999 Yamaha YFM250X
Bear Tracker 2WD (YFM250XL & XLC)
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1999 YFM250X Bear Tracker ATV 2wd

1. Bypass Valve
2. Oil Filter
3. Oil Filter Cover
4. O-Ring
5. Collar
6. Camshaft
7. Rocker Arm
8. One Way Bearing {Automatic Centrifugal Clutch}
9. Crank Pin
10. Crankshaft
11. Main Axle
12. Drive Axle

1999 Bear Tracker YFM250X 2wd atv

1. Drain Plug
2. O-Ring
3. Compression Spring
4. Oil Strainer
5. Oil Pump Gasket
6. Oil Pump Assembly
7. Oil Pump Driven Gear
8. Oil Pump Drive Gear
9. Camshaft
10. Crank Pin
11. Crankshaft
12. Main Axle
13. Drive Axle
14. Oil Filter

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