American Motorcycles

Need a place to find technical specifications required to repair or service your American motorcycle? We deal mostly in Japanese sportbikes, but we do not discriminate. If American or custom cruisers are your thing we will have valuable information for you.

Check out the Need to Know pages for the basics.

Basic American Reference

Easy to use chart lists the most commonly searched for specifications. Includes spark plug and gap, bike weight, battery, engine oil capacity, recommended tire pressure and tire, sprocket and chain sizes.

Advanced American Reference

The same easy to use chart style containing more detailed information for more complex repairs or service jobs. You will find ignition type and resistance values, carburetor or fuel injection system info, stock carb jet sizes, fork oil height, ignition timing info and firing order.

Harley Davidson Model Codes

HD model identifiers tend to get confusing. Is it an FXR or an FLR? Check the chart.

American Photos

Have you seen a great American custom bike? We have. Here they are.

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We will be adding more specs for HD, Polaris and other American manufacturers' motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes as new model year information becomes available.

If you find the type too small to read comfortably please use Ctrl + to make the type larger. This means hold down the Control key (lower left on keyboard, says Ctrl) and press the + key (upper right, next to the backspace key, it has a + and = on it, or on your number keypad).

Disclaimer & Legal Stuff

It is the reader's responsibility to take all necessary safety precautions. Wear safety glasses, have a fire extinguisher ready, work in a properly ventilated space and have the proper tools for the job. If you are not able to perform motorcycle repairs safely, please take your bike to a shop that can.

Complete Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policies.

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