Honda Rancher Reverse Problem


  • The electric shift operates fine until I get to reverse. I've been riding for years so I know how to shift. Is there a relay or something to replace?   {Gary, AR  2003 Honda Rancher TRX350)

  • Answer:

    First, I would put the manual gear shift tool (it should be in your tool kit) on the hex shaft.  Try to put the quad into reverse manually.   If it goes into reverse ok that will rule out any transmission problems. 

    Also, check to see if the cable for the reverse lockout, Honda calls it the reverse assist cable, it is located next to the brake cable on the left handlebar is moving all the way.  It may need to be adjusted. If it feels really stiff, spray some cable lube into the cable jacket.

    Next check the wire that goes onto the reverse actuator or change switch assembly as Honda designates it.  It is located on the bottom of the engine.  It is common for sticks, mud and snow to push the tip of the wire boot off. If the boot is loose or hanging, reattach it.  

    If the wire is snug, move on to the fuses.  They are located near the battery.  

    If everything listed here checks out ok, its time for your Honda Rancher to take a trip to the mechanic.

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